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Q&A Session with Mark Neale, Director General of the Bar Standards Board: Key Points


Yesterday the LPMA held a Q&A webinar event with Mark Neale, in which Mark gave an overview of the BSB’s current plans and priorities and then took questions from the floor.

The session encouraged interesting and varied questions and discussions about the BSB’s plans, and we plan to hold similar events every six months to continue the open communication between the BSB and LPMA members.

The key points discussed in the event were:

  • Opening communication between the BSB and chambers staff. The BSB's monthly regulatory update will be circulated by the LPMA on the website and via a mail notification to members.
  • The BSB plans to promote greater feedback to barristers to ensure improved professional development.
  • The BSB is aware and supportive of raising issues of Equality and Diversity at the Bar and is keen to improve positive action.
  • The BSB handbook is under review and there is an effort to move to using plain English to make the handbook easier to use.
Posted: 16/12/2020 at 16/12/2020 15:05:47
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