BSB - Digital Comparison Tool

Posted: 13/10/22

On 22 September, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) launched their 12-month Digital Comparison Tool (DCT) pilot study. A DCT is digital tool which allow consumers to locate and select service providers. DCTs are common in many sectors, and typically allow users to search for possible service providers by a range of criteria, including location, price, ratings and reviews.

The BSB is inviting barristers to take part in their DCT pilot. Your input is vital to the pilot – it will help them understand whether, and how, the DCT market could offer a benefit to consumers and the Bar. To register your participation in the pilot, please email The BSB invite both public access and referral barristers to participate.

There are currently four DCTs participating in the pilotYou can find out more about participating DCTs on the BSB website.

If you would like to learn more about the DCT pilot, please check out the dedicated webpage. You can also sign up to a pilot webinar, which will be held on 20 October at 17:30pm. At the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of panel speakers. Speakers will include legal regulators, DCTs and consumer group representatives.