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LPMA Good News Stories: Outer Temple Chambers' wellbeing initiative


This week, Outer Temple Chambers have provided us with details of a well-being initiative they have recently implemented for all staff members. Their CEO, Rebecca Priestley said:

“We are very aware of the increased mental and physical pressure that the latest lockdown is placing on our staff and have introduced this day away from the computer as a thank you for their dedication and for some uninterrupted respite.

As a Mindful Employer we take the mental wellbeing of our people seriously and actively promote better mental health in the workplace. Our dedicated team often start and finish their working day outside prescribed hours, respond to enquiries around the clock, and have been facing new and ever-evolving challenges in and out of the workplace over the last year. This Chambers Wellbeing Day is in addition to holiday allowance and is just a small token of Chambers’ appreciation for our team’s commitment and hard work.”

Chloe Corcoran, Outer Temple’s Marketing Assistant said:

“The introduction of a Chambers Wellbeing Day is a fantastic initiative. Lockdown has caused huge amounts of unseen stress and working from home has vastly increased screen time and blurred the lines between work and personal life. Now that our work is quite literally at home with us, it’s difficult to switch off after the day is done and leave those late night emails and tasks until the next day. It was really refreshing to take a day away from those pressures. Obviously you can take a day annual leave but with nowhere to go, there is still the  temptation to check your inbox. This being Chambers-wide eased the flow of work and forced us to avoid that temptation. I feel really fortunate to be a part of a chambers that places such an importance on supporting each other and is mindful of our mental health.”

Other Chambers including Serjeants’ Inn, Quadrant Chambers, Littleton, Twenty Essex, 3PB and Matrix have also implemented similar initiatives and we would be delighted to hear from you on what well-being ideas your set are putting in place for both barristers and staff.

Posted: 28/04/2021 at 28/04/2021 09:34:01
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