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The Executive Committee has completed a review of the categories of LPMA membership and has decided upon a new structure which the Committee believes better suits the aims of the LPMA and the needs of its members.  In outline, the structure is:

Full Members will be, or report directly to, a member of the Management Team in the organisation and have lead or substantial management responsibility in one or more of a number of functional areas. (All current Full Members will remain in this category.)

Associate Members will be already in a role that has some functional responsibility and who aspire to, but have yet to achieve, the level of management responsibility required of Full Members.  (Any current individual Associate Member who satisfies the criteria will remain in this category.) Associate Membership is also suitable for those employed in management roles by the legal sector’s principal representative and regulatory bodies.

Corporate Members will be organisations providing services of interest to chambers, solicitors’ firms or legal practice managers.  (Such organisations who currently have individuals enrolled as Associate Members will be automatically transferred to Corporate Membership, with that individual noted as the initial point of contact.  There are important changes to the terms of membership, which should be noted.)

Casual Members will be those working in the legal sector, or in a related sector, who wish to attend a specific event.

Please see the Join Us page for a full description of each category, including the benefits and costs of membership.

Posted: 31/01/2019 at 31/01/2019 09:38:58
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