Neurodiversity Webinar


Wednesday 5th July 2023

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Please join us for a webinar on 5 July to learn more about neurodiversity and how chambers professionals can support those who are neurodiverse. We will hear from Oliver May (a practising barrister) and Jack Boswell (a pupil) who are both part of Neurodiversity in Law. Topics to be covered include:

  • What neurodiversity encompasses – different perspectives on neurodiversity;
  • How various neurodiversities might impact those at the Bar in particular;
  • What sorts of adjustments could/should be made by chambers;
  • What Pupillage Committees should think about when dealing with pupillage applications/interviews;
  • The role of Neurodiversity in Law.

This will be a relaxed lunchtime webinar where discussion is encouraged. Please come along with any questions and thoughts that you have!