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BSB Regulatory Update- June 2021



Whether you are a barrister or not, please email communications@barstandardsboard.org.uk to receive the BSB Regulatory Update directly each month.

Blog: Monthly message from our Chair Baroness Blackstone

When we launched our 2021-22 Business Plan back in March, we explained that it reflected the significant continuing effects of the pandemic on both the profession and our own work. We also said that we would prioritise our continuing work to maintain and, where necessary, to improve standards at the Bar. With this in mind, in this month’s online edition of Regulatory Update, you can read more about our new “Assuring Competence” programme of work.

The programme includes implementing targeted regulation to improve standards in Coroners’ Courts, looking at how we can improve flows of evidence from the judiciary and others about areas of concern, and how we can improve feedback to individual barristers from a range of stakeholders to inform their self-reflection and continuing professional development. It also includes work to review our rules surrounding those in their early years of practice and there is a separate article about this in the online Regulatory Update.

There will be plenty of opportunities to share your views on our work within the Assuring Competence programme over the next few months, so please do keep up with Regulatory Update and our website to find out more.

Speaking of opportunities to share your views, please do not forget that the first BTAS consultation on the Sanctions Guidance which is used by Disciplinary Tribunals in deciding what sanctions to impose in cases of proven professional misconduct closes on 14 June. This is such an important issue that we hope that everyone with an interest will let BTAS know their views.

The increase in remote hearings and working from home, alongside the greater use of technology to support changes in working, has led to an increase in risks to information security and client confidentiality. Please see the online version of this month’s Regulatory Update for some important reminders and guidance about how to create a secure virtual working space.

Finally, if you still need to switch from being a Pupillage Training Organisation (PTO) to becoming an Authorised Education and Training Organisation (AETO) in order to continue to provide pupillage, please be aware that we have extended the deadline to complete this process until 31 March 2022. We contacted all remaining PTOs last month to let them know this but for more information, please visit our website or contact us.

Also in this month’s online Regulatory Update:


Have we got correct details of your practice address?


Please ensure that you have informed us of your correct practice address in accordance with rS69 of our Handbook. If your practice address changes, you must inform our Records Department within 28 days.


Posted: 10/06/2021 at 09:49
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