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BSB/LPMA Workshop - Women at the Bar


This LPMA event is the fifth of five workshops the BSB is holding  to explore potential solutions to the issues identified in the Women at the Bar report and improve the retention of women at the Bar. Three of the previous workshops involved a mixture of stakeholders (barristers, students, circuit leaders, SBAs, BPTC providers), and the other was held with the Institute of Barristers Clerks. 

Attendees will be invited to explore actions that can be taken by the BSB or other stakeholders. In particular, the discussions will focus on issues of unfair treatment and reporting of unfair treatment. Discussions will be split into the following two topics:

  • Work allocation, maternity leave and flexible working;
  • Discrimination, harassment and reporting unfair treatment.

The workshops will provide a platform:

  • For the BSB to learn from the experiences of those at the Bar;
  • To explain and promote the BSB’s regulatory responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity at the Bar;
  • To suggest solutions to the issues related to the retention of women at the Bar, which will inform an action plan;
  • To help us embed equality and diversity issues into other BSB work-streams, including future equality objectives;
  • To increase engagement and strengthen working relationships between the BSB and stakeholders.


This workshop will be held at Maitland Chambers, refreshments will be provided.


Date: Thursday, 14 December 2017
Time: 08.30am -10.00am
Maitland Chambers
7 Stone Buildings
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